Sorry we had to leave

eJero has shut down and the lessons learnt are as follows:
Start small, keep it simple, build on the success (revenue) of every milestone. DON’T try to boil the ocean or build a universe tomorrrow. If your customers don’t get it, then the sophistication of your technology is irrelevant, focus on engaging your customers then the technology to engage further. We exhausted our capital reserves and some more, and were unable to secure additional funds. Hard as we tried, to cram as much retail and consumer solution into the platform, the further we deviated from the consumer's need, trust and interest. Keep it simple!

We hope eJero (its technology) will find a home soon while it's still relevant.

Thank you to all, customers, friends, family and all that have had a part to play in the eJero journey.

Ibukun Omidiran

Founding Director

ib at ejero dot com

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